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    We like to share our pictures so we made this page to post some of our favorites.  These pictures date back quite a way but they still make us smile.  They aren't always great shots but they all have a story to tell. Jenny and I hope you will enjoy them with us....


You should always have a picture of your mom, right? This is Pat's Mom with her youngest grand daughter Mia. This pic was taken on Mother's Day 1999. (Watch below for any even earlier shot of baby Mia.)

A Mom Story

And this is Jenny's Mom taken with one of her main men, Big Mac.  Taken in '98 as we headed to Busch Stadium in downtown St. Louis for a Cards game during the summer of his historic home run derby.  The Cards won again.
I came across this picture of Matt enjoying a little bass fishing on Table Rock lake in southwest Missouri.  Not one of Table Rock's best days for fishin', eh Matt?

Two very special people, Pat's brother Mark and his new bride Lisa on their happy day.  Congratulations!


Dad thinks that this is a pretty expensive picture but Chris worked long and hard to make this day possible...and it was all worth it.  Congratulations on the BS Chris!. 

Sept 2003

This is our nephew Kalin who recently earned his Black belt.  Congratulations Kalin, we know you worked very hard for several years to get this done!


Christopher on the occasion of his 23rd Birthday party.  He is smiling because it is a beautiful evening in the country and he has built a massive bonfire to go with the keg.

This is Matthew in Febuary '02 at another sport he and I enjoy, outdoor 3-D bow shoots.  Picture taken at a shoot at the Freeburg Sportsman's Club, Freeburg, Ill.   This is a rubber deer target he is shooting for points.  A great diversion to get you outside when it is too cold to ride.

Matthew and Dad at the 3-D Bow shoot.  Yes, it was a beautiful winter day to be out! (Matt thought it was summer)

These three pictures were taken in Feb 2003 at a 3-D bow shoot at Freeburg, Ill.  Here I am bearing down on an elusive rubber deer.  Got 'im.

They do a nice job with the shoots at the Freeburg Sportsman's Club in Freeburg, Ill.  You can barely make out the target in the woods.  It was about 55 degrees and sunny this fine Feb day. 

Leigh Ann proudly shows off her new car. (11-03)

Our niece Leigh Anna Loftus looking great.

(Fall 2002)

A cool October morning on the first tee at Lake Valley in Camdenton, Mo near the Lake of the Ozarks. 

From L-R: Larry "Mr. Steak" Kennison,  Alex MacDonald, Himself,  Jim Mcgee and Larry Cooper.  


And then there is the ancient tradition practiced each spring for the last 18 years:  The annual Hot Strip Closed golf tournament.  This is a shot of our team at the third hole of Birch Creek, near Union, Mo.  Held on Saturday April the 12th, 2003. (L-R: Himself, Mike Patton, Jimmie Mcgee and Slicin' Eddie Eisenhardt).  Our compliments to the Head Hooter, Captain Jack Cronn for a gorgeous golf day. 

The Hot Strip gang limbers up on the first tee in preparation for the 18th edition of the Closed.  (Its an inside joke for the invited participants from the world famous 80" Hot Strip Mill at US Steel's Granite City Works. Now you have a clue what I do when I'm not goofing off with motorcycles.)

Ah those first rays of springtime sunshine sure feel good.  (4-10-05)

Won't be long before we have a bunch of new summer time bike pictures to post! 

Our Daisy is a real pleasure to have around and earns her keep by watching out for dangerous squirrels and groundhogs. (4-05)




My good friend Gene shot this 8 point buck on his hunting property near the Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri.  November 2006. 

.243 Remington Model 700.



I have a good friend here in Alton who served in Vietnam in 1970...

Sgt. Bob with M16 in the jungle



He shared these pictures with me from those days.

Sgt. Bob of the 101st Airborne, somewhere in Vietnam, 1970

A fine man and a credit to our country.


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