Travels with Pat and Jenny

Gulf Shores State Park - August 2001


August 2001. Pat's parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Trip 

This is a goodly chunk of the Loftus clan on vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama (picture is actually taken in Foley).  We were in Foley because Hurricane Barry was just about to pound the Gulf Shores State Park where we supposed to be.

From the left: Matt, Pat's sis Mary and her son Dominic, Christopher, Pat's Mom: Grandma Sharon, niece Leigh Ann, Pat's sis-in-law Lisa and brother Mark, Lisa's Paige and Jordan, Mark's son Brian, nephew Eric, Pat's brother Scott and Michelle.  Missing the free spirit, brother Jeff.



The original leprechaun, Dad Mickey, with Pat at Gulf Shores State Park fixin' to take a spin.



Taken at Bellingrath Gardens.  Started as a "modest" 900 acre fishing getaway south of Mobile by a workaholic Coca Cola bottler.  It was slowly transformed by his wife (at great expense) during the 1930's into a showplace.

We even caught some fish...Here is Tony showing off for the boys.

Jenny is dwarfed by the gun bristling USS Alabama in Mobile Bay.  She got to see her alligator here, a big one too, lazing along under the gangplank


Chris enjoying the charms of the Hula instructor

Here's the Hula lady doing her best to teach Grandpa Mick and the boys a few oola-oola's.

The golfers line up before tee off at the Gulf Shore State Park course.  This is taken outside our elevated cabins at the park...they were very nice accommodations.

Chris, Scott's son Eric, Scott, himself, Dad Mickey and Kalin.

Chris showing nice form...wish I could keep my head down like that.

Outside the marina restaurant where Grandpa Mick was about to treat the family with his "confederate dollars". 
Inside, Grandpa Mick, Lisa and Pat's brother Mark prepare to order some great seafood for our farewell dinner. 


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