We are pretty fortunate to have the best grandchildren in the world!

Chris and Lindsay have Christopher (6-12-11) and Tanin (12-13-13)

Matthew and Star have Aziel (10-11-12)


Christopher McGregor Loftus with Mom Lindsay and Pop Chris.  Only a few hours old

Grandpa with hours old Chris

Great Grandpa Mickey on Fathers Day, June 2011
Mick, himself with Chris and two week old Chris

With Grandpa at his 1st birthday party

June 2012

Having a kitchen sink bath with Grandma

Age 1

The little Halloween dragon Oct 2012

On Great Grandpa's lap at his 80th Birthday party,

Sept 2012

Dad built this rear seat contraption so the little guy could ride along in style

Summer of 2012.  Looks just like Mickey's leprechaun picture.

With Grandpa as a 2 year old.  Summer 2013

New Aziel in the hospital with Mom Star.


In Daddy Matt's hand

Matthew with Zeely

Tired but proud parents with the new baby.

Oct 11, 12

Month old Zeely with Grandma Ginny

Dec 2012

Zeeley smiling contentedly with Himself

Dec 2012

6 month old Aziel with Dad and my sister, Aunt Mary

Barefoot Aziel with Grandma and Hotrod Jr. with Grandpa.

9 month old Aziel

Aziel with Daddy Matt.  Outside Chris's second Birthday party June 2013

This doll baby was made for red dresses.

June 2013

Uncle Matt messes with Chris while Star looks on. 

June 2013

Getting these two in the same picture is a challenge.

Chris and Aziel with proud Grandpa.

Oct 2013

Zeeley on her 1st Birthday, 10-11-13.

Chris entertains his Great Aunt Mary at Thanksgiving dinner 2013 while Dominic looks on.

In Oct 2013 we took the motor home to Splinter Creek for family fun day, the traditional end of season party for the members.  It is always a lot of fun with plenty of riding, food, drink, music and in the evening a band and bonfire.


Here is Lindsay with the little guy while Aunt Mary gets ready to head to the track.

The little guy enjoys a ride with Daddy Chris
Hey Dad, come on and I'll give you a ride.
OK, that's more like it.  (But just wait)

Aziel with Grandpa on Christmas Eve 2013

She's a 14 month old heartbreaker in a red dress!

My nephew Kalin on the left. 

Niece Leah with Aziel and Leah's Dad, my brother Scott.


Ginny Mom with my sister Shelley (Kalin's' Mom)

Star with daughter Zeeley


And the newest edition, just in time for Christmas.

Tanin Loftus, a little over 6 hours old with Grandma Ginny


100 watt Grandma with new Grand daughter

Oh yeah, grandpa is there too

I'm the big brother, Chris.

Great cousin(?) Leah Loftus with Baby Tanin at Christmas Eve open house, 12-24-13.


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