Travels with Pat and Jenny


Overlooking Main St. in downtown Daytona Beach on Monday of 2004 Bike Week (3-1-04)

    If you like motorcycles then you have to try Bike week in Daytona!  Traditionally held the first week of March, which is the first week of spring in Florida, it is a week of sun and fun.  This year we decided to join in and try it. 

We had a great week and especially great was 80 degrees all week but it was a very pleasant 80.  One of the shopkeepers told me that last year it rained for 10 out of 12 days during Bike Week...we considered ourselves fortunate since we are decidedly fair weather bikers.

These two pictures are taken from the balcony we are standing on above, looking each way down Main Street.  These were taken on Monday afternoon, around 3 PM.

The locals told us that the weekend was pretty busy but that by Monday all the vacationers were in town and things really get going.


Main street was a constant parade of every type of motorcycle you can imagine driven by guys and gals alike.

The street scene was amazing as well, the T-shirt, sunglass and leather shops were packed, as well as the watering holes.

These guys are such celebrities now that it wouldn't be much of a motorcycle show without them.  Their autograph sessions were packed with fans.
I expected to see a lot of Harleys at Bike Week but I was amazed at the number of expensive looking custom bikes that were all over the place. 

(Certain people have questioned if this is really a picture of a motorcycle.)



Another view of Main St. at the height of Bike Week.

Coming back to the cabin at the end of a long day of riding and the crush of people downtown was quite an enjoyable respite. We would sit on the boat dock and enjoy a cool drink to re-charge our batteries for the next day.
We did a lot of riding and a lot of sight seeing...this is the light house at St. Augustine's.  This is about 60 miles north of Daytona but there were as many bikers here as there.
Castilo de San Augustine...overlooking the bay in the fort that was built in response to a series of bloody pirate raids.  80 degrees and fair.

Jenny enjoying an afternoon at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm

This guy was their pride and joy for years.  His name was Gomek and he grew to be 23 ft. long.  Trapped in Indonesia before WWII, accused of  snacking on villagers, he was brought to the farm in Florida and lived to a ripe old age, dying in 1998.

We will climb to the top of this lighthouse at Ponce Inlet, south of Daytona of the tallest in Florida.

The view is great but Jenny won't come out on the platform to have her picture snapped.

Here she is instead, inside the museum showing one of the antique fresnel lenses of the type they use in the lighthouse.

On the world famous hard packed Daytona Beach with our ride.

Another view showing the constant parade of vehicles on the beach road.  It was at least 80 degrees and fair, but most of the bathers stuck too sunning as the water was way too cool to swim. 

We loved our trip to Florida, it was a great winter get away...but coming back it was great to see the farmland of home sweet Illinois.

    Hope to make it back soon!


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