Chris and his Cars


Our son Christopher is a qualified mechanic and of course it's CARS, CARS, CARS.  His idea of a fun project is to drag home a hundred dollar bargain with a blown engine and some electrical problems and fix it. 

Most of these are "after" project pictures.  He has been working on his latest project, a red 1990 IROC T-top, but as you can see he has a new love...a convertible no less. 

Chris is full of surprises and turns up with this stunning '88 convertible IROC.  He is about at his limit of parking places but he couldn't pass it up.  His red T-top is still a work in progress but it looks like it is taking second spot now.   (12-19-03)

He's lookin' good and so is the ride.  It's hard to beat a shined up convertible for head turning ability.   (Can't wait till he let's me drive it.)

And here is is in May 04 looking HOT !

Is that a fresh 350 going in there, Chris?

St. Louis in July can be too hot even for a convertible...let's hit the lake!  (July 2004)

OK I finally got a picture of the red '90 IROC T-top.  But due to new ride pictured above this one may not be here much longer. 

This little Ranger was Chris's third personal vehicle and was a great bike hauler for him

Chris in the Fiero that he drug home with a blown engine. "Easy money  Dad", he said.  (Wasn't as easy as he thought)

This '87 Camaro also came home without an engine.  It started life as a 6 cylinder but got a V8 put in.  While it looked nice, Chris later dubbed it the "Slowmaro" and traded it for a truck.

Nice looking S-10 but the wheels looked better on the Camaro, Chris (We just get a wee peek of it here) 

This is a sturdy little Chevy S-10 that runs a lot better than it looks... a good work truck.  FOR SALE, Chris?

This poor ole Camino (EL Cabelero?) was probably Chris's first restoration project.  I think he was 17 when he drug this POS home.  Somewhere during this project he decided that body work was not his bag.  While the car is long gone there may still be pieces of it kicked under a work bench somewhere.



These are some pictures of a very nice 87 Firebird Formula that Chris has done some work on.  Nice Car, eh?



OK, that's better

Gotta pull the boat with something Dad.

 Sigh, wish he'd sell something (May 05)

OK, so he sold the Silverado above after he brought home this

3/4 ton Duramax Diesel...

now we really got something to pull the boat!

Chris, Chloe and the big rig, Aug 08

Oh Yeah, by the way, this is the new boat we've got to pull. 

When you are a mechanic you can buy a submerged boat out of the marina real cheap, hop it up and let 'er rip. 

Chris and Lindsay with their reclaimed Chris Craft at Kentucky Lake, Aug 07.


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